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"Ice Water"

"Ice Water"

Winter landscape in hues of blue, green, and white. Digital print on canvas paper.  The price of $40.00 is for a standard print approximately 11" x 17" on a heavyweight canvas paper. Please contact us for price quotes for other options regarding materials, sizes, mounting and framing.
  • General Product Information

    J. Beatty Digital Visual standard prints are approximately 11" x 17" (allowing for slight variations depending on the picture). Each piece is printed on a heavyweight canvas paper and is ready to be framed or mounted. The canvas paper provides the appearance of an actual oil painting, and ensures retention of the highest quality over time. We provide other print options at varying costs including: 

    • larger sizes 
    • prints on canvas
    • prints mounted on foamboard
    • prints stretched and wrapped on wood frames
    • custom framing

    Please use our "Contact" page to send an inquiries and request an estimate for your customized pieces. 

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