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     Founded in 2015 by visual artist Justin Beatty, J. Beatty Digital Visuals provides a variety of bold and often breathtaking artwork for a myriad of settings. Whether you're looking for a centerpiece to showcase in your living room, something to add a little style to the office, or a gift for someone in your life, J. Beatty Digital Visuals offers an extensive collection of digital artwork that has been known to inspire and move people with its expressive nature.


a few words from Justin Beatty, Digital Artist:

     Having the opportunity to share my way of seeing the world is an honor and blessing for me. Creativity and expression have always been essential factors in my life.  My hope is that this endeavor will inspire others to share their thoughts, desires, and understanding as well. 


     Born in 1972, I grew up in Roosevelt, NY where I was given the opportunity to experience art in many forms. From a young age my parents, John & Cheryl, often took me to Manhattan and Brooklyn to visit museums, art exhibits, and cultural events which sparked my interest in art, music, and culture. My mother also took me to powwows in order to introduce me to the indigenous side of my heritage.


      In the 1980s I fell in love with graffiti and became interested in graphic design. I began developing my personal style by filling up any, and all, art pads and sketchbooks I could acquire. In the late 80s, I started using my graffiti skills as a small commercial venture. I drew and painted custom designs and characters on clothes (as was the style at the time) and became well-known locally for the quality of my work.


     In the 1990s I attended the University of Massachusetts-Amherst where I studied under the tutelage of Professor Dorrance Hill, who helped me develop my skills and sense of style even further. He taught me how to expand my repertoire to include clay, plaster, and metalworking. During my time at UMass-Amherst, I  was commissioned through the Josephine White Eagle Cultural Center, to do two murals for the Native American students' floor in the Chadbourne dormitory where I can proudly say they still hang today. After leaving university, I began to do artwork on a more private and personal level for people by designing tattoos, and logos, and creating designs for family and friends' regalia. I recently began my foray into creating digital artwork which I find both fulfilling and exciting, as I learn more and more about stretching the boundaries of my talent and imagination.  

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