"4 Ladies"


Women are the life givers. They carry us as children and comfort us in old age. They are elemental and fundamental to our existence. These four Women's Traditional dancers carry the teachings from Kitche Manitou, the Great Spirit, of the elements of this world to share with us. Each dancer brings forth the wisdom and usefulness of each element: Earth, Wind, Fire, & Water.The price of $50.00 is for a standard print approximately 12" x 15", with size variations dependent the individual piece, on heavyweight canvas paper. Please read the "General Product Information & Ordering Options" section for standard ordering information. For imore nformation & other options regarding materials, sizes, mounting and framing please use the form in the "Contact Us" section of this website.

Customization Options
  • General Product Information & Ordering Options

    Ordering options & definitions:

    • Standard Print

    • Printed on Canvas 

    • Large Print

    • Mounted on Foamboard

    • Gallery-style Canvas Wrap

    • Custom Frame

    "Standard print":  Approximately 11" x 17" (allowing for slight variations depending on the picture). on a heavyweight canvas paper and is not mounted or framed. The canvas paper provides the appearance of an actual oil painting, and ensures retention of the highest quality over time. 

    "Printed on canvas": Printed using aqueous ink on museum-grade satin canvas unmounted with no frame.

    "Large Print":  Double the size of the standard print on a heavyweight canvas paper and is not mounted or framed. The canvas paper provides the appearance of an actual oil painting, and ensures retention of the highest quality over time. .

    "Mounted on foamboard": Canvas paper permanently mounted on 1/2" foamboard, ready for self-framing.  

    "Gallery-style Canvas Wrap": Aqueous ink on canvas, stretched and wrapped around a 1.5" deep, solid wood, stretcher frame with corner braces.

    "Custom Frame": Canvas paper print in a custom wood frame. We offer 30+ custom frame styles, with added options like single (foreground) or double (foreground & background) matting, shatterproof acrylic, Custom frames can only be ordered by contacting J. Beatty Digital Visuals through the form on the "Contact Us" page of this website.  

    Please use our "Contact" page to send an inquiries and request an estimate for your customized pieces. 

Fine Art: Prints-Canvas-Custom Framed

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