From city skylines to the natural world, landscapes can be breathtaking. Here you'll find my take on various landscapes during different times of day from sunrise to sunrise. From luscious trees and inviting skies to grime-ridden bricks and neon lights, there's something for everyone. Click on any picture to see a larger version & a description. Copies of artwork purchased from this site do not contain the J. Beatty Digital Visuals watermark.

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Fine Art: Prints-Canvas-Custom Framed

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Indigenous people from the northeastern woodlands have always held water & waterways in high regard and sacred in many ways. The understanding that water gives us life & provides for us, giving sustenance through fishing, replenishment through rain, & travel via rivers and creeks has played significant roles in cultural development for many Native nations in the region.This piece is 1 of 2 featured in Athol's "Windows on Main" exhibit as a 54"x54" panel.